Monday, November 9, 2015

Darramad Balochi Translated PDF Book Free Download

Darramad (outsider) Balochi Novel by Sharf Shad 

درآمد بلوچی ناول

 ترجمہ:  شرف شاد

Darramad (outsider) Balochi Novel by Sharf Shad

This is Translated historical English book into Balochi language. Book name "Darramad" translated by Sharf Shad translate from the English and french languages book of The Outsider or  The Stranger (novel) in french Etranger written by Albert Camus.Its subject and viewpoint are frequently referred to as models of Camus' reasoning of the foolish and existentialism, however Camus by and by rejected the recent label.Through the account of a normal man unwittingly drawn into a silly murder on an Algerian shoreline, Camus investigated what he termed "the bareness of man confronted with the preposterous." First distributed in English in 1946; now in another interpretation by Matthew Ward. Compose in Balochi by Nazar Muhammad Bangal Zahi and design by Gulam Nabi Muhammad Hasni. this book in PDF format book. Free download PDF copy of this novel or read online from here.

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