Monday, November 9, 2015

Khuda Science aen Falsafo in Sindhi PDF Free Download

Khuda Science aen Falsafo by Abdul Momin Memon PDF

خدا، سائنس ۽ فلسفو  

عبدالمومن میمن

Khuda Science aen Falsafo by Abdul Momin Memon PDF

Khuda science aen Falsafo compilation Abdul Momin Memon, This book in the Sindhi language.
Topic in this book are below:
Khuda Aol aen Aakhir
Azeem Mansoba saz
Khuda Parasti ji Maqooliat
Mazhab ji Maqooliat
Allah Pak ji wajood jo Tos Dalil
Khaliq e Kainat ji wajud
Kahinat ik markaz tahat
Ik Qathi dalil
Ik Attar Feslo
Sir madiat te kam na halando
Ik nojawan sofie ja ahsasat
Iman aen Science me hum aahangi
Khuda ji bare science jo feslo
Science ja inkshaf 
Sciencei Tariq e Fikar saan
Haqeede ji mazbooti
Kemeyai Qanoon aen Khuda
Fitri qanoon
Fitrat parasti aen Khuda parasti
Mazhab aen science
Khuda aen science
Khuda ji Dunya
Kainat Khuda k bager

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