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Buay Gul Nala-E-Dil Dood-E-Charagh-E-Mehfil by Shorish Kashmiri

Agha Shorish Kashmiri Books

Boe Gul Nala E Dil Dode Charagh E Mehfal (Swanah wa Afkar) written by Agha Shorish Kashmiri. Free download in pdf format for offline reading or read online from below links.The situation of creating of Pakistan before and after in writing of Shorash Kashmiri.

Aga Shrestha Kashimiri is Pakistan's prominent and well-known poet, journalist, politician, and Babylon was Khagab. Aga Shrestha Kashmari was born in Lahore on 14th August 1917. Your original name was Abdul Karim, but Agha was famous for the name of Kashishari. Agha Shrestha Kashmiri was a combination of attributes. He was the ruler of the four fields of journalism. In 1946 Agha was appointed Secretary General of Majlis Ahrar Islam and in 1974 he played an important role in the prohibition of Prophethood, which should be remembered for the living world. During your political struggle during the political struggle, spent the precious five-and-a-half years of imprisonment and imprisoned with patience and courage. The commentary book, "The Boil's Neil Heart, The Milk Lamp", is a self-evolved life-saving life of Kashmore, his life, the main events, his politics, his imprisonment and his thoughts. The book was first published in his life in 1972 and on October 24, 1975, his creator was originally involved. Aagha himself writes about his book, 'What and what do I know?' This story is just about to tell others. You may be read Pase Diwar E Zindan and Tehreek Khatam e Nabuwwat.

Boe Gul Nala E Dil Dode

Shorish Kashmiri Books

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