Sunday, December 30, 2018

Chand Ka Khuda By Ilyas Sitapuri Historical Stories in Urdu PDF

Chand Ka Khuda

Chand Ka Khuda (The God of Moon) written by Ilyas Sitapuri Historical Stories in Urdu free download in pdf format or read on the web. The up thundered unbelievable of the period of Mehdi Abbasi. He guaranteed himself as a divine being. He occupied a city of basic supporters in his encompassing. At that point, he made a moon for that city, which used to ascend at night and set in the first part of the day. An intriguing, stunning and verifiable unbelievable with excellence and love. In this Urdu Kahani book, Ilyas Seetapuri depicts an unprecedented story of Hashim Muqanna. He asserted that "he is God". He changed the convictions of the general population of Marv. Hashim introduced a phoney marvel to demonstrate the moon. This book is a gathering of four history stories. It contains the tales Talash e Haq, Lahoo Ka Charagh, and Surkh Dastan. You may be read Ajaib Khana e Ishq by Ilyas Seeta Puri and Mohabbat Ke Afsaney by Khalil Gibran.

Ilyas Sitapuri Historical Stories

lyas Sitapuri Historical book

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