Saturday, December 29, 2018

Fatah Makkah By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Islamic History

Fatah Makkah Urdu Book

Fateh Makkah (Conquest of Makkah) written by Akhter Fathe Puri and translated by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Islamic History Fateh Makkah Urdu book free download in pdf or read online   There is a lot of material in the Holy war (Ghazwa) historical book, but it is definitely a blessed work to separate these types of missile and present related events in a separate booklet. This is the eighth of all this. Before that, you have provided valuable information on Islami Jihad, Ahad, Ahzab, Bani Quraizah, Suleh al-Habibiyah, Ghazwa Khabar and Ghazwa Mootah. These Urdu books have been accepted by public and publication certificates. The subject of this Islamic book is Fateh Makkah whose matter is very wonderful because this victory is without war and this is the strongest fruit of the Prophet Muhammad's great concern. Surely this study will cause the refreshment of Muslims' faith.
فتح مکہ

محمد احمد باشمیل

اخترفتح پوری

Fateh Makkah book urdu

conquest of Makkah Urdu

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