Sunday, December 30, 2018

Raag Ka Badan By Ilays Sitapuri Book in Urdu PDF Download

Raag Ka Badan sitapuri

Raag Ka Badan By Ilays Sitapuri book in Urdu PDF download or read online. This tale contains a gathering of most wonderful recorded stories in the Urdu dialect. All the three-story holding on full sentiment, fiction, experience and dream. This is an accumulation of numerous accounts like Gandum Ka Khumar, Dushmani Ka Ahd Nama, Samar Qand Ka Uqab, Rag Ka Badan. The writer of the book asserted that these accounts dependent on verifiable certainties. He talked about various occasions of the past which contain the sentiment and excite. He clarified the life of some military officers and holy people in the tales. Ilyas Sitapuri was an extraordinary story essayist of Urdu. He composed numerous books and books which earned much popularity for him. He gave another life to history story composing and presented some new patterns. You may be read Khaqan Ki Dastaan and Razam Bazam.

Gandam Ka Kumar



Rag Ka Badan

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