Sunday, January 20, 2019

Khatoon E Jannat by Mail Kher Abadi Urdu Islamic Books PDF

Khatoon E Jannat PDF

Khatoon E Jannat by Mail Kher Aliabadi Urdu Islamic books pdf free download or read online. Get free Pakistani and Indian Muslim Urdu books. A book About Syedah Khatoon-e-Jannat Fatima-tu-Zahra (RA). Best Islamic pdf ebooks. Ever of, for each gathering or stratum of society, there is a reasonable good example who is managing light for salvation and on the way to flawlessness. The good example for ladies, as announced by Allah (s.w.t.) and His Prophet (s.a.w.) is Hazrat Fatima-Zahra (s.a.). As properly expressed by the honourable Prophet (s.a.w.): "Fatima is the best of all ladies of the world (Sayyidatu Nesae Al A'lameen), and a good example for every single Muslim lady. The historical backdrop of Islam is an observer to the colossal regard that the Prophet (s.a.w.) had for Hazrat Zahra (s.a.) which additionally capably considers the significance of ladies in the public arena. On the off chance that they are not better than men, they are unquestionably no second rate."

خاتونِ جنّت

Khatoon E Jannat Book
Mail Kher Abadi Urdu Islamic Books

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